Snack Ideas for Fall

Welcome back! It's been a long time but it's great to be blogging again. Over the Jewish holidays for the past month we were able to see family, enjoy lots of pre-cooked dishes from local stores to lighten our cooking load and stress, and spend almost uninterrupted time together. (Although having daycare back yesterday was really quite magical...) I've been thinking about what I would come back to blog about and I thought I'd start out with just a few thoughts regarding snacking and eating - something I have been very, very involved in over the past few weeks. 

I've always been a huge snacker. The other day, when I was finishing up the last few bites from my standard bag of chocolate chips, I thought that maybe I should add some other snacks to my repertoire. I always struggle with what to eat and never have the energy to pack myself a full lunch whenever I leave the house. After taking some time to figure out some ideas, I came up with a list of things I enjoy that will hopefully help. 

Seedless GrapesNo fuss, just a quick rinse and they're ready.

Sharp cheddar cheeseIdeally, this goes well on a sandwich or grilled cheese, but I love to eat cheese by itself or on a cracker.

Olives - I love olives but never really saw them as a snack (eating them out of the can always felt like 'accidental'). After seeing a kosher olive bar at the grocery store, I decided it's not a bad idea. 

Bartlett Pears - Sweet, juicy and easy for snacking in slices or whole. 

Camembert cheeseA more expensive cheese that my mother and I used to treat ourselves to when I was young. It's very hard not to eat the whole block in one sitting, but it does feel like a luxurious splurge once in a while. Goat cheese, feta, or blue cheese are good substitutes for more interesting cheeses, and a bit less expensive.

Mixed nuts - I often just take a nice handful of almonds, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips when I don't have the time for much else. This another good "mix" alternative that feels filling. 

ClementinesI love clementines because my girls always want to eat what I eat and this is easy to share. I don't pack them up - just throw them into my bag and voila! Snaking is served.


What are your suggestions? I'd love to add more ideas!


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