Are You There Google? It's Me, Nurit Siegal

Somehow I have only just realized that I often use google as a kind of old friend and empathizer. If I'm going through something hard, or embarrassing, or just too sensitive to tell someone else about, I turn to google... Google?? I ask. Has anyone else gone through what I'm going through?? How have others dealt with it? And whatever you do, PLEASE do not lead me no matter what to ANY comment section of ANY website, because I'm trying to to keep whatever self-esteem and faith in humanity I have in tact. 

Do you ever find yourself turning to google in the midst of something tough or "different", so that you can see if others have gone through it too? And furthermore, have you ever tried to peel yourself away from the computer and open up to a friend, or a family member, or a colleague instead? Did it feel risky to leave google behind for a more human experience or does googling feel riskier? 

In general, what's your relationship with google? 


Nurit Siegal3 Comments