Panic! In the Kitchen (or a simple recipe for sautéed Faux-Crab and vegetables)

The other night my oldest daughter (who is of the toddler persuasion) was screaming very loudly in her room after being (at least I thought) asleep for twenty minutes. She was crying with such intensity that I had a flutter of panic and ran in to check on her. As soon as I rush into the room, she lifts up her purple, polka dot sock and passionately yells, "Sock! Sock! I want sock!! Sock on!!" Her sock must have somehow come off and she needed my immediate assistance. I smiled a huge smile to myself, and helped to quickly put the sock back onto her little foot. 

I told my husband about the incident later that night and we laughed over her adorable sock emergency. It wasn't until a bit later when I realized that I too have my own little moments where I panic, in a slightly more socially acceptable way, just like my daughter. Whenever I start to worry that there doesn't seem to be any food in the house and/or whatever we have may take at least 30 minutes to make, I'm unable to think rationally or wait a second longer and I wind up concocting some fast, kosher equivalent to the weirdest hot pocket you could ever buy. 

Thankfully, I am trying to work on a better strategy for when these food emergencies occur. But in the mean time... I did come up with a good idea for when I need a fast lunch or dinner. It's not for everyone, but if you're open to it then you should give it a try. I happen to love faux-crab and I love it even more when sautéed. Just add a few vegetables, like squash and snap peas, and it's a solid meal, especially if you eat a bigger serving. But if you prefer a heartier meal, just add rice. 

The recipe is super simple. Sauté the faux-crab (it usually comes frozen which is fine) along with whatever vegetables you like (I like snap peas best after stringing them), and add garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste until they become softer and slightly browned. You can add soy sauce or red pepper flakes for more flavor. I hope you find yourself feeling a bit less panicked!  Enjoy! 

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