"The Normal Woman's Latte" Recipe


We all know how much we’re bombarded with images from a young age of skinny, perfectly photo-shopped women. But I think there’s another image in the media and in the magazines that’s also detrimental – the image of the perfectly relaxed, content, and stress-free woman. There are so many articles today with titles like “10 Steps to Serenity!” and “Banish Anxiety for Good!” Right next to it is a smiling woman, meditating on the beach at sunrise, right before she goes to work, of course! It makes us think that peacefulness-at-all-times is actually attainable and that if we can’t reach that goal, we're either overly emotional or maybe even crazy! I think most women have thought at some point in their lives that they must indeed be crazy…when in fact they’re totally normal.

What doesn't seem normal, but instead ironic and a bit comical, is the amount of stress I have personally invested into trying to achieve that constant inner serenity. It used to go something like this:  “Okay, so I’m gonna wake up tomorrow at 5 AM to write in my gratitude journal. Then I’ll go for a run, sip some jasmine tea, and then get ready for the day while listening to an inspirational talk. It will be so relaxing and motivating!” But instead, I’d turn off my alarm, wake up a few hours later, and be unable to enjoy the fact that I actually felt pretty well-rested…

Now, while I still do love trying to make time to unwind, a lot of times it just isn’t meant to be. So in an effort to embrace the ups and downs of real life, I’m going to share with you something that does actually help give me some strength…and that is my homemade latte recipe. It has the two ingredients I need to help me get through the day – sweet, delicious milk, and very strong coffee. 

 Here’s what I do to make the drink:

  1. Fill a medium-sized bell jar with 2% milk about a third of the way.
  2. Close the jar tightly with the cap and shake well for 30 seconds. The milk should froth and almost double in size
  3. Microwave the jar with the cap off for 30 second to “secure” the froth
  4. Make a strong cup of coffee (I don’t have an espresso machine) while the milk is heating up. Add sugar or flavors to the coffee if you'd like. 
  5. Pour the coffee into the jar of steamed/frothy milk till you get the strength you want. I like keeping it in the jar because it’s nice and easy, but you can pour the milk and then the coffee into a mug if you’d like!
  6. Use the latte to get through the day, and/or to relax when you can!

Never mind whatever is going on in the background during the day! Start your latte off by using as much milk as you'd like. It takes a few tries to know how much you want. 

Sometimes, my milk doesn't double in size after I shake it for some reason... it doesn't always work perfectly.

If you do get it to bubble up, put it in the microwave, pour in the strong coffee, and it should look something like this! Enjoy!