Some Kind of Retail Therapy...

LB StyleRetailTherapy.jpg

Since I can remember, I've always loved to go shopping...I'd step out of the car into the parking lot, wind blowing in my face, ready to take on the mall and the world of possibilities... But then, I'd somehow always leave exhausted and needing immediate therapy. What is it about shopping that can be so challenging?? Its can feel amazing to hit the "jackpot" item, but between fussing to find a good price that's in the right size, the feeling that you yourself are not the right size, those horrible mirrors, and the intense hair-frizz aggravated by trying on seven different knit sweaters, it's not always the paradise we'd like it to be. 

Fashion blogs and magazines can make it seem like finding beautiful clothing is a breeze - that the woman in the picture picked out her outfit as easily as she picked up her latte on the way to the photoshoot. And it's true that some women have a wonderful knack for style - but any one of them will tell you that it takes a lot of work, a lot of time and resources, and plenty of frustration. So no matter how much you love expressing yourself with a great, colorful outfit, keep in mind that we're all in this shopping struggle together.

So have no fear! Or at least a bit less fear... Lipstick & Brisket is here to help as much as possible to inspire a community of honest shoppers. Below is a list of 11 different flats from around the web in a variety of styles and price points to hopefully make the search for the right shoe easier and more enjoyable for you. I think with some expectation-management, we can have much more fun, and maybe need a little less therapy...

H&M floral flats - $12.95

H&M solid black loafers - $14.95

Target casual loafer - $19.99

Macy's black crochet flats - $27.30

Gap black and white snakeskin flat (pictured above) - $31.99 

Nordstrom Rack "Rebel" flat in nude - $34.97

T.J.Maxx silver flat - $34.99

Nordstrom pink and gray moccasins - $42.95

DSW colorful suede pointed flat - $49.95

Macy's Steve Madden black and snakeskin pointed flat - $69.00

Ann Taylor Leather and Captoe metallic - $88