Taking the Time to Feel Inspired, and a Few Colorful Things to Help













A little while ago, I looked a very good friend straight in the eye and said to her, "I'm so burnt out".  She immediately gave me an enormous hug and just let me rest on her shoulder for as long as I wanted. It was exactly what I needed from a very special person and it gave me the energy to get through the day. After a few hours, I was thankfully able to relax by myself with a few magazines on my couch at home. 

As I've gotten older, I've tried to really figure out what naturally makes me feel more relaxed or inspired, especially when life gets overwhelming. A friend texted me the other week that she felt so much better after going to bickram yoga (yoga in a very hot room) and that I just have to try it. I thought to myself, Oh wow. I don't think we have the same interests. But I was so happy for her that she found it thrilling and rejuvenating.

For me, I love interior design, and I feel a bit more joy in my apartment when I've done something a little different to it, like hanging up a new picture frame or rearranging things in a creative way.  I love how it creates an atmosphere of inspiration and positivity, which feels special to me as a mom who spends a lot of time at home. I would even dare to say that I feel like a better person when I have things like family photos, colorful pillows and blankets, and pretty books and candles in the room. It gives me energy to take care of myself more, and to think of little ways to take care of others. I even feel like embracing my own "self care" hobbies has made me much more sensitive to the fact that everyone needs rejuvenating hobbies and time alone for just themselves. 

So in honor of this idea of personal care and expression, I'm going to share a few posts this week that share some of the things that inspire me. As I mentioned, I love design and I love perusing magazines and online stores just for fun. I thought I'd be a bit productive too and share some of the things I've found with you that would brighten up a home just a bit. I looked out for items that were cheerful and colorful, for under $30 each. Click on the pictures above to check them out or take a look below for descriptions. Enjoy! 


1. Fox Run Earthenware Teapot   $12.97

2. Greendale Home Fashions Accent Pillow Set of 2  $21.99

3. Rosanna Petit Treat Cupcake Stand  $14

4.  Spring Garden Vase  $10.99

5. Tea Forte Pugg Ceramic 24 oz Teapot, Cherry Blossoms   $25

6. DII %100 Kitchen Dishtowel, set of two   $6.99

7. Badger Basket Folding Hamper/Storage Bin   $17.95

8. Porcelain Lamp   $29.99

9. Greendale Home Fashions Accent Pillows   $26.65

10. Cotton Craft Kitchen Towel Set    $8.99

11. Five Liter Round Step Color Trash Can $14.99