Make-Up Favorites from the Drugstore

If I don't have (or give myself) a reason to leave the house, I can easily spend the day in a zip-up sweater with a spit cloth thrown over my shoulder. So when I do leave home, make-up is my opportunity to feel normal! But finding the time to put it on while a toddler is gripping my leg can also make it a pretty big burden. I think that maybe we all have a complex relationship with our beauty products and routines, so I'd be very curious to know - what does make up do for you? Make you feel ready for the day? Confident? Or does it make you feel burdened or insecure? Do you like putting it on, or do you find yourself stressing out?

I think we can all agree though that spending less money on products is great. Below are the make up products that I rely on the most. They are all from the drugstore with a great price tag.

You can buy each product on Amazon by clicking the images, or you can get them at Target (or for the price I have listed.  






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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick  - $4.99
I do like lipstick, though I feel like it often gets on my teeth and I need a constant "lipstick friend" besides to let me know if I'm okay. I have this Revlon lipstick in the shade "Pink in the Afternoon", which is very bright and feminine. I bought one after reading that they are considered some of the best lipsticks on the market. It goes on very smoothly, without drying out. The color is well-pigmented and they have a large selection of shades to choose from.  

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - $5.48 (
This is the drugstore version of the more expensive, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I love the silky consistency that doesn't dry out your skin. Because I take it with me and transfer it so much between bags and drawers, I can almost never find it...

Elf Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzer Powder - $3
I thought this was an amazing find. I hadn't heard of Elf products till relativity recently, and many of their things seem to be hit or miss. This blush/bronzer duo did hit a positive note for me though. It's super inexpensive, has good pigmentation, and doesn't look overly shimmery. It's pretty easy to apply without going overboard. 

Wet N' Wild Color Icon Trio Eyeshadow, "Walking On Egg Shells" - $2.94
I've used this eye shadow for a very long time, almost any time I put on make up. With a good eyelid primer, it stays pretty well put, although it may not be the longest lasting shadow on the market. I love this color palette which is pretty and subtle.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish - Prices vary, around $4
I haven't tried this particular color, but I do really like this nail polish. Goes on smoothly, layers well, and lasts for a nice amount of time. 

L'Oreal Mascara Voluminous Carbon Black - $5.89
Probably my favorite mascara. Everyone seems to love it. The wand works really well and spaces out your lashes without creating excessive build-up. It's very black, creates great length and also good volume. It's on almost every list out there for best drugstore make up products and mascaras. 


What is your "life with make-up" like??