Summer Break and Blog Posts from the Past

Dear wonderful readers!

It's been such a pleasure to have this blog since it launched back in March. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and support! For the next few weeks, Lipstick & Brisket will be taking a break in order to bask a bit in the summer sun, re-stock the coffee supply, and go through some old e-mails I've been meaning to respond to for a few years now. I hope you enjoy the wonderful weather, and check out a few L & B blog posts from the past! 

1. A peek into real life.

LB Grow Messy 5.jpg

2. I've invested a lot of stress into trying to be more relaxed! 

3. Do you worry about being perfect, or about achieving super woman status??

4. Girls getting creative. 

5. First blog for the Think section. More to come.

6. It's important for girls to be nice, and to be taught about boundaries too. 

LB live nice 9.jpg

7. Retail "therapy".

8. Resilient people don't have an absence of emotion. 

9. Mothers need "outlets" to prevent burnout, but we also need to ask for help.


Looking forward to coming back soon!