A Few Great Snacks for Unwinding

I'm not trying to be an advocate here for emotional eating, but at the end of an overwhelmingly long day, when I desperately need some time to unwind and clear my mind, I like to wander around my apartment in search of a good.... snack. Now, if you can get yourself to eat something healthy, that's amazing. But if you're looking for something a bit more indulgent, I have a few ideas for you. These snacks also go very well with friends, spouses who share well, humorous family members, and of course, very cute pets. May I also suggest blankets, a good movie or a magazine, or depending on the day (or the movie you're watching) - maybe even a little box of tissues. Here are four fun snacks to to relax with: 

1. Classic combo - strawberries and chocolate (chips) 

2. Cinnamon animal crackers dipped in caramel sauce - trust me. 


3. Microwave kettle corn with cheese. 
   Pop the bag, then top with shredded cheese in a microwavable bowl and melt for 20-30  seconds.      Be wary of cheesy kernels that get stuck together (this snack is better for adult consumption)

4. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with dry red wine. Perfect for an at-home date night

What do you snack on after a long day? Any interesting combinations we should try? 

... and here's another time I remember snacking 

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