Blog Announcement!

Hello everyone!

Lipstick & Brisket is excited to announce that a few changes will be taking place on the blog! Firstly, we will now be posting regularly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Friday mornings (excluding holidays or family events that are taking place that week). We'll also be narrowing the focus of the blog. You'll soon notice a pattern of lots of eating and lots of talking... 

The food posts won't be a perfect reflection whatsoever of what I'm eating that day or week (there's nothing like prepping for a food post to ensure that I eat cold food that day). Instead, the blog has evolved into an adventurous and creative experiment with food, recipes, new ingredients, and food photography - things I didn't realize I would love so much. Whenever I look through beautiful cookbooks or online recipes, I want to slash the prep time and number of ingredients in half to fit my lifestyle, while maintaining good flavor - how do I do that?? That's what the food posts will be about. Once I've got a recipe down, I can then add it to my arsenal of recipes to cook for family and friends. Until then, friends and families are my taste testers - a job they've remained quite loyal to.

In the blogging world, it's easy to want to make posts seem like a diary of what we're cooking and creating at any given moment. But creating a "blog-worthy moment" and then documenting it takes an enormous amount of time and brain power. By taking that expectation away, I now have a separate time when I'm experimenting in the kitchen for the blog and I consider that time to be part of my "work hours". The food posts have also evolved into a fun way to share the smaller stories, struggles, and quirks of daily life. While the more "serious" posts on the blog have tackled various issues on a larger scale, the food posts will be an opportunity to talk in a casual, conversational way. And what better way to schmooze about life than over food??

As for those serious posts, I'd like to go deeper into some of the topics we've previously spoken about - such as motherhood, and feminism - and take a shot at some totally new ones. They'll continue to cover everything from more personal topics, to more social issues and conversations. Your comments and responses to upcoming posts will greatly help to guide the conversation. 

Between the conversational food posts and the posts on more serious topics, my hope is to create an engaging, creative, and - most importantly - open and honest place where we can chew over (pun intended?) some of life's biggest questions. Sprinkled throughout the week will be shorter posts that showcase anything from a new kitchen utensil, to a new book or article, to keep the ideas flowing. 

I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with you and to hearing all of your thoughts, ideas, and comments! 


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