Caramel-filled Sufganiyot from Tel Aviv Bakery in Chicago

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! 

Last Friday my husband was working from home and we both went to drop off the girls at daycare. When I came by myself to pick up our oldest, her teacher warned me that she was looking forward to her Aba picking her up... The minute she walked up the stairs and saw that it was not her Aba, she collapsed onto the floor with her backpack and winter gear and yelled out, "Noooooooo! I want Aba to get me!!!!!". Thank God she eventually recovered from having to leave with her mother but it was a slow and gradual process with a decent amount of hyperventilating. My daughter and I are now on good terms and she allowed me to drop her off today, which is great progress.  

After dropping her off, I picked up a dozen caramel-filled sufganiyot for Chanukah. They are soooo very delicious and we started getting them every year. I don't make homemade sufganyot or latkes because they're quite labor-intensive... but I highly recommend going over to Tel Aviv bakery in Chicago for the ones pictured above. If you celebrate Chanukah, do you make your treats from scratch? Pick them up at a local store? Take advantage of them at your parents' house? 

I hope everyone has a relaxing, food-filled holiday break and for those celebrating, a happy Chanukah! 

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