cheese and black bean quesadillas

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There's only one thing more terrifying than not being able to find your baby's pacifier at 3:00 AM and that's not getting to have a nice, warm cup of coffee in the morning when you're super sleep deprived. Just kidding, there's probably a cold cup of forgotten coffee in my microwave as we speak. No, the one thing worse than the paci situation (maybe not, but it's up there) is coming back home from a long family trip and having to go to the store cause there's no food in the house. So what do we do to solve this problem? On your last grocery store trip before your travels begin, buy three things: Tortillas, shredded cheddar cheese (keep it closed till you come home), and a can of black beans. When you come home you can make quesadillas. Or you could just get some milk and cereal and call it a day.  

If you want a bit more than the bare minimum, we also have suggestions below to make it more interesting. What do you guys eat when you get back home from a trip? 


cheddar cheese and black bean quesadillas

olive oil or an oil spray
shredded cheddar cheese
black beans

sliced avocado
pico de gallo (or just chopped tomatoes, onion, and cilantro)
sour cream

Spray or lightly coat a large pan with oil. Add a tortilla to the pan and let it warm up for a moment, then flip it. Do the same with the other tortilla and then set aside (this will help the cheese melt faster). Place the first tortilla back in the pan and add a layer of shredded cheese to the tortilla, leaving about a half to one inch of space around the rim. Drain and rinse the black beans from the can. Sprinkle the beans on top of the cheese (doesn't need to a be a full layer at all). Place the other tortilla on top and cook on medium heat. You can cover the pan to make it warmer faster. Once the cheese has melted, carefully flip the quesadilla to brown the other side without the cover. Remove the quesadilla onto a safe surface to cut into six slices. Serve nice and warm with any extras you'd enjoy. 

*Disclaimer: For throw-together recipes like this we don't usually add measurements because honestly we've hardly measured anything since 11th grade chemistry, but we are more than happy to add specifics to all recipes if that makes it easier. Let us know what you prefer in the comments below! 

P.S. we promise we still measure sometimes! 
p.p.s. great tips for grocery shopping on a strict budget


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