A "Date" Night with Blue Cheese

It's great to be back!  Passover ended a bit over a week ago, and an interesting phenomenon occurs among young families after a holiday break ends. Spouses slowly start to smile once again and say "Hi" to one another. Families venture out with optimism to parks and weekend trips. Mothers are seen delighting in the tiniest smile or giggle from their babies...

Daycare has resumed. Hope has been restored. 

If you're starting to feel back to normal, I have a recommendation for a date night by yourself, with a friend, or with your spouse. All you have to do is pick up a baguette, dried dates, and blue cheese at your next grocery trip. Toast the baguette slices if you'd like, drizzle everything with a bit of honey, and voila! You have a sweet and delicious treat for one, or for two. 

Bon apetit!