Dreamy Design Books for Daydreaming


Last week I blogged about how difficult motherhood can be. I spoke on how being a parent is not only "hard work", but just plain hard, and confessed that I often use caramel as a stress-reliever. There are many things I do to unwind and most of them involve some sort of sitting/eating combination. I'm not one of those people who likes giving the stovetop grates a "really good scrub" to relax, nor am I an I-just-gotta-get-to-thegym kinda gal... So where does that leave me?? I need both the mindless relaxation, and I need the interests and outlets that get me recharged and re-inspired. As I've talk about before, design is something that energizes me. One thing I love to do is to go the public library and check out books that get me daydreaming. Both motherhood and life in general are more enjoyable for me when I find time to refeul my creativity. I'm definitely looking forward to sharing my love for design with my daughters as they get older. 

Below are five books by authors/bloggers I love or authors I've recently come across and I'll continue to keep an eye out for new titles as they come. I hope you enjoy the beautiful ideas and incredible photography! 

And by the way... what's your favorite style of home decor and interior design?? Any books you've loved looking through?


Plus, here are some low key tips for decorating.

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