Eggs in a Basket - With or Without Harissa

Good morning! How is everyone doing? So tired I bet... I know. Weekends are not really for resting are they? Did you have a chance to steal a nap or a little break this weekend? 

I originally had a dessert post scheduled for today, but there were several obstacles to this. First of all, I don't really bake anymore. It's one of those things I've chosen not to do at this point in life, along with matching my kids socks every morning. In fact, it's been so long, that when I took out my baking pans from way back in the cabinet they were rusted. When I tried to clean them with heavy duty cleaner, I ruined them. Ugh. After grieving over the pans, I moved onto another pan, which made the dessert recipe come out funny looking. It kind of looked like the cake was staring at me? Anyways... I moved on again. At that point, the only things left to work with were bread, eggs, harissa, and a very tiny spark of hope.  

But that's really all you need for children who are open to eating eggs (depends on the day), and adults who want an extra kick with breakfast. We had these in the morning, but only because that's when it worked to do the photo shoot. In the future this would probably be a dinner recipe... Do you ever make this?

Cooking spray or butter
Favorite kind of bread loaf*
Harissa (optional)

*The bigger the surface area of the bread slice the better

Slice the bread into about 3/4 in thick pieces. Spray both sides of each slice with oil or spread with butter. With your fingers, spoon, or with a circle-shaped cookie-cutter make a hole in the middle of each slice. I suggest making a bigger hole (2 or 2.5 in diameter), because it makes it easier to flip the bread without breaking the yolk. If the hole is smaller, than you can drop the yolk in first and cook the whites more on the toast, which is also yummy (pictured above). But flip very gently if you want to try to keep the yolk.

 Spray a nonstick pan with cooking spray or use a little butter. Place the slices on the pan to toast for a moment. Drop the entire egg yolk/whites into the hole. After about a minute and half, gently flip the bread to cook the other side. Repeat for each slice! Top with harissa if desired.  Or serve with guacamole, tomatoes, cheese, lox... 

P.S. I'm not a great egg cracker, so whenever I broke a yolk, I just made that one for my kids... they definitely didn't want a runny yolk.

P.P.S.  Or you could choose something else entirely and make this instead. No egg-cracking necessary

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