semi-homemade fajita night


One of my favorite memories from college was going to Starbucks very early in the morning with a couple of my best friends. I met them through the architecture program (I did that for three years before switching to Women’s Studies as a senior), and sometimes our workload was so heavy we’d stay up at our studio untill 6:00 AM, when Starbucks would open. Depending on whether we had to get back to work, we’d either get hot chocolate before a power nap or some really strong coffee.

I survived those first few years of college because of the Starbucks around the corner, the bagel shop around the other, my equally miserable friends, and my passion for drawing lines over and over until I’d want to cry. I was so sleep deprived as a student, I remember having coffee with a good friend one day and waking myself up when I yelled “Frank Sinatra!” at her mid-convo.

Interestingly, my experience in college reminds me of being a mom. Except that motherhood is an inherently more delirious experience, and you also have little people to care for and nurture. I rely heavily on commiserating with other delirious parents, drinking 3-4 cups of lukewarm coffee a day, and cutting corners whenever possible. Which is hard because, just as I craved to be a hardcore architecture student, I also want to be this amazing mom. So I'll say things to my kids like, we can read as many stories as you want tonight! and then I'll realize that was a terrible idea. 

At the end of the day, cutting corners is about survival. Think things like, dry shampoo, store-bought cupcakes for school, and Frozen. I also cut corners big time when I need to cook for a lot of people, or I'm having family or friends stay over. I try to think of the easiest meals that yield the biggest returns. Which is why I bring to you today... Fajita night. Easy and super delirious. I mean delicious. And best of all, there's a hundred ways to serve it. Choose whatever ingredients are best for your budget, as well as for your psychological well-being. 


Fajita Night Ingredients/Ideas

steak (i.e. skirt, rib eye, chuck)
chicken breast
guacamole (I use Sabra)
cherry tomatoes
roasted peppers
tortilla chips

additional ideas:
black beans
sauteed onions
chopped tomato and onion salad

Serve with or without tortillas, on a board or on small plates/bowls, and let people go for their favorite choices. I might prepare the chicken breast and rice myself, but then buy pre-grilled steak, canned beans, store-bought guacamole, and other fillings, like corn and tomatoes, that I don't have to prepare. 

How do you guys cut corners? What do you guys do to survive??


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