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Fawn Julsaint and I have known each other for about three years now. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, Fawn stepped in to make my life and my home a thousand times better. I don't really know how she does it, but Fawn cleans and organizes like magic. By Thursday every week, my mornings have started to unravel, our drawers have to started to overflow (is it clean? is it dirty?), and my kids are going juuust a tad bit later to daycare. So when Fawn comes in the morning, I'm desperately ready for the restoration of order. We have a coffee together and catch up on our week, she helps me give the girls ponytails and fills their sippy cups, and then off we go while Fawn whips our home into shape. When she knows I've had a particularly hard week, I find little extras around - like the kids lunches packed and ready in the fridge, or the flowers freshly rearranged by my bed.

So, because I am so giving, I wanted to share a bit of Fawn's expertise and crazy amazing-ness with all of you. Whether you want extra help and hope with your own home or need help with your own clients' places, Fawn will be here on L & B to problem solve all our home quandaries. She's kicking it off today with the ten best products for your home and how to use them. The product images and links are at the end of the page.

Barkeeper’s Friend
Barkeeper's Friend removes hard water stains and rust from stainless steel. You can use it in your bathroom, your bathtub, as well as for the soap scum build up on your shower doors. I'ts great for removing the brown stains on your stove, on pots and pans, copper, and porcelain. It’s gentle, doesn't contain bleach, and you don’t even need to wear gloves.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner
Sprayway is an ammonia free glass cleaner that doesn’t have as much soap as Windex, so it doesn't streak as much. It's perfect for glass furniture, mirrors, windows. You can use it on some stainless steel products as well. Sometimes it works great on stainless steal, and sometimes it doesn’t so you just have to experiment and see where it will work.

Mrs. Meyer’s Products
I honestly love these because they make your home smell good. I like getting all the new holiday scents, like pine and peppermint. They're great for cleaning and great for their seasonal choices. 


Method Anti-Bac Products
This is a good, natural way to clean your bathrooms. It has all anti-bacterial properties, and gets rid of the germs without using all those chemicals.

Norwex products
I like this company a lot. They have really great stuff and I use them a lot at my house. They have a window cloth and a dusting mitt that are antibacterial microfiber. If you’re concerned about not having chemicals in your house it’s a great way to go.

O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop Heads
You do have to wring these out by hand, but you can also throw them into the washer. You should use them dry to clean your baseboards and trim, and then use them wet for floors. They’re super absorbent and most microfibers have an anti-bacterial property, so the cloth (as well as any product you’re using with it) helps get rid of germs.

Dawn dish soap with vinegar - I call it “Dawnegar”
This mixture is great for stove hoods and for the cabinets around your stove that get greasy. It will de-grease your wood without damage. You can use it inside your oven if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals. Just add one part dawn dish soap and one part vinegar and mix. Don't add water. Spray it on and leave for twenty minutes, and it will come right off.

Baking soda
I use baking soda for the stove top and in laundry to get rid of any mildew scent. I often use it on stove tops with peroxide. Mrs. Meyers actually sells a baking soda cleanser so that it’s all mixed up as a paste. Kind of like a lotion type bottle that you squirt out and rub. I also like baking soda for cleaning out tubs and the shower. Sprinkle some around the tub/shower when there's still a bit moisture in there, and throw in a couple drops of some essential lemon oil. It will help remove grime, soap scum, and hard water stains.

Bona for your wood floors
Bona is more water based, so it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your wood floor. It also doesn’t have a strong scent, if you don't like the smell of other wood floor products. Some people are hesitant to use liquids on their floors, so if you’re a wood specialist I apologize for this slightly less sophisticated way of cleaning wood...

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
They clean stainless steal, soap scum on shower doors, rings on tubs, counters, and you can even remove things from your walls. However, use it on your wall very gently and not too much because it will remove your paint. It removes scuff marks on the floor and door, but again, if your door has paint on it then be gentle. If it doesn’t come off with the first wipe then leave it alone so you don't remove your paint.

Clorox toilet wands
Not reusabe and not flushable, but I like them better than having a brush with tons of germs on it sitting next to the toilet, especially when kids are around. I can’t tell you how many clients have problems with their kids grabbing those. Unless you’re super dedicated to Clorox-ing your toilet brush. When I use the toilet wand, I can just rinse off the wand when I'm done with it.

 Thank you, Fawn! Let us know if you have questions you'd like Fawn to talk about in in her next post!

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Fawn Julsaint 

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