Four Things To Cheer Us All Up for Fall

Whenever January comes around, my Israeli mother gets so excited at the turn of the year, that she always says it pretty much summer already. But when August hits, it might as well be winter for her.  To cheer any of us up who are not excited for the drop in temperature, I have a few fun things for us to look forward to in the Fall. I'm personally excited for no more constant bathing suit washing. My daughters have also gotten into the habit of lying down in the middle of sidewalks, outdoor malls, and at the bottom of our apartment building stairs (no air conditioning till we make it up the three flights!) to protest against walking in the heat. So I'm excited for that to improve... In the mean time, let's start with the picture above -- an awesome mom who takes an annual first day of school picture with her kids. This one went viral. Hilarious!   

Chocolate and peanut butter desserts always give a good fall vibe. Check this insanely delicious looking treat from Cup of Jo here. Only five ingredients!

If you have small children and you haven't heard of What's Up Moms yet, it's time. Ever since my friend introduced me to them, they have gotten me through a LOT because their videos are hilarious and so relatable. I don't know what I would do without them! Here's their back to school video. (Don't forget to bake an apple pie for your kids' teachers!)

If you're looking to do any sort of house refresh or decorating (after all, so many people buy houses in the summer) the I highly recommend Emily Henderson's blog. This particular post is especially amazing, because she surprised her hard-working nanny with a beautiful home makeover! It's such an inspiring story, and Emily is is an extremely fun, bubbly person to keep up with on her blog. 

What are you looking forward to for fall?? I need some good ideas!