Freshly Caught - Small Casserole Dish

With the new blogging schedule on L & B (posting Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays now!) I'm exciting to use Mondays for "Freshly Caught" posts about different things I'm collecting to use for cooking, food-post photoshoots, and - by delightful consequence - my home. It will cover anything from new ingredients, to low-key gadgets, to new cookware. I hope that it gives you both some insight into what's used behind the scenes on the blog, and to perhaps help you in your goal to build your kitchen slowly over time. Idea swapping is greatly encouraged here.

Speaking of well-stocked kitchens... I have a friend who makes the most delicious food and I always look forward to going to her house for dinner. We have similar parenting styles (the kids can play together while we enjoy the food and a glass of wine) so it's always an easygoing evening. She happens to love the food that I love - steak and lamb, fish with lots of fresh seasoning, and colorful salads. But I've noticed that she also serves her food in simple, chic, and elegant serveware and it only gets me more excited to dig in when she serves something like skirt steak salad on a long, white, rectangular platter. If you look in the right places, I've realized that dishes and platters don't have to cost too much money, and that it's surprising how beautiful a dinner table can become with smaller purchases made over time.

Pictured above are roasted potatoes in a small, Crate and Barrel casserole dish. I love oven-to-table serveware and I happen to also love dishes served in classic white. I promise not to get too boring with that color every week... but I can't promise that it won't continue to show up in blog posts... White lets the color in the food shine so well, whether in a picture or on your table.

I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas for future Freshly Caught posts. Comment with a dish or product or store that you love!




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