Strategies for Getting Out of the House in The Morning

sneak peak of some fun projects coming up...

sneak peak of some fun projects coming up...

What are your strategies for leaving the house in the morning? 

I asked you guys this question on social media and there was a big conversation that came out of it. For me, my mornings would benefit from a makeover (which was my motivation for this post!) But I've accepted that they're never going to be hyper-organized with a minute-to-minute schedule. Do you have a militant schedule you follow, or is it more "moment to moment"? Here's what some of you had to say about how to get yourself (and your kids) out that door. 

Do as much the night before as possible. Make lunches, tidy house, set out clothing, set out winter clothing, pack backpacks.... I don't do this as often as I should but when i do, the morning is blissful

I don't make lunches which helps a lot. My oldest gets hot lunch at school. Next year my toddler is going to a play-group that serves lunch. I bought a good thermos and a coffee cup and make my breakfast to eat at work while the kids are eating their's. I regularly thank God that school and work are super close to home or I would be toast.

I only have one baby lol and I can't even figure it out yet... It takes awhile because brushing my teeth while singing the wheels on the bus isn't easy... serious respect to moms with more kids!!!

As a guy, I am weighing in here. We have 5 to get out the door in the AM. Unless my court schedule does not allow for it, the answer is that both parents have to help. In my case, it means [getting to shul (synagogue)] early or later and it means that my wife has to rely on me to do certain things. Again, I am not always perfect and sometimes the schedule does not allow. But generally, that's the best answer.

Wendy (on leaving when the kids are staying home)
Yes if you can leave before they get up, that tends to be the quickest. But if they are not old enough & there's not another adult in the house, you could also get charged for that. So you gotta sit down & do a real cost/benefit analysis first.

Kids out to the car in PJs or naked

This is what I do to get my 3 out each morning (most of the time I have help from my husband but this week he's gone) 1.) pack lunches the night before 2.) Get up a bit before them 3.) Get everyone dressed right away before breakfast 4.) I tell them it's cereal for breakfast but they can chose which 5.) I finish getting myself ready but I call out to them with updates and reminders, esp how many minutes left. It's not easy to leave the house (ever) but I'm a stickler for time, especially if I'm paying for it. Don't do more than the basics, whatever that is for you.

Learning to be okay with being late.

The key is training! They all go down and give themselves and my 4 year old breakfast and make their lunches and snacks. Every once in a while I call down and make sure they are doing it. Then they come up and get dressed and I dress my little one and myself last. Then they get shoes and coats on while I make little one's lunch and we go out the door. At 8:20 every day.

Discussion on waking up before the kids: 

  • Suri: My best piece of advice is to wake up half an hour before you have to wake your kids. It's such a huge difference to be able to have a cup of coffee in peace, and get dressed, before the morning madness begins.
  • Ilana: I so want to do this but I am SO HORRIBLE at getting out of bed in the morning. I'm always so tired and have never been a morning person. But my mornings would be way less hectic if I did. And I'd prob be on time to work more also :(
  • Lori: I feel the same way. Mornings were the hardest part of parenting for me. (Still are)
  • Paige: Lori, I know right. Even my baby sleeps in with us sometime too! We are raising another generation of bad morning people...
  • Suri: So, sometimes I do snooze my alarm, but at least if I am starting out 30 minutes before then, then even if I snooze it once or twice, I still have a net gain of time before kids
  • Chava: I have the same issue, just want to stay in bed as long as I can. I found that it helps to start slow. Get up 5 minutes early (prep coffee the night before). And work slowly towards a half hour.
  • Chava: Of course, the mornings I do get up early, so do the kids :)
  • Lori: My baby (who is turning 16!!) has my sleep genes lol. If we have a snow day or for some reason no push to get up, we can literally both sleep all morning!

What about you? How do you feel about the mornings? Do you get up before the kids or was that your New Years Resolution? 


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