Greek Yogurt and Chocolate Chips for Breakfast, Three Ways

I've definitely had my "interesting" moments since becoming a mother, and I am also not a natural in the kitchen, but as someone who could really use the extra energy, one of the things that I've found very helpful lately is not skipping breakfast. I've decided that I need to have a go-to morning meal that's somewhere in between the cereal my daughters use to mosaic our floor and overnight oats with chia pudding and a green juice. Enter: greek yogurt with chocolate chips. The most complicated thing I add is a fruit that needs to be peeled and sliced. My "yogurt bowls' don't quite look like the ones below each day... but they'll definitely give you the sense for why I'm starting to actually enjoy breakfast now. If I'm rushing, then I'll just scoop the yogurt into plasticware and add whatever I'm in the mood for to dig in when I have time later. 

I accidentally bought a cara cara orange the other day and loved it. This orange was sliced to go with walnuts and chocolate chips over greek yogurt. I recommend slicing the orange smaller than I did... it'll be easier to eat...

The quicker option of just adding granola to the chocolate-yogurt combo. I love Bear Naked's banana nut granola. 


Getting fancier with adding a banana, walnuts, and almonds. Granola would also be great here too.


Any other quick and healthy breakfast ideas I should think about trying out?? I would love to give it a shot!

And if you happen to have a bit more time, this makes for a colorful breakfast. 

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