Grilled Cheese with Raisin Bread for Dinner

The other day I was invited for dinner and a play date at a friends house, which is a very rare treat because I find things like that so hard to coordinate. The mom is a super down- to-earth friend of mine, but I was intimidated by the dinner she served. Seasoned salmon, with sauteed zucchini and delicious rice.  Obviously I couldn't keep it to myself and said, "This is so tasty! You're amazing, I'm so terrible with dinners." She assured me that it was easy to make, and way fancier than usual. After that, there was no going back and things immediately spiraled into a 'bad-mom'-off over who serves the worst dinners.

"This is amazing. I wish I didn't rely on PB & J all the time."
"Oh my gosh, please. Last night I served crackers and peanut butter for dinner"
"I served animal crackers. Just animal crackers."
"Last week I served just peanut butter."
"Last week I gave them nutella for dinner."
"That doesn't even come close. I've served stale bread"
"Oh really? Because I've served lint on a tray. I served a lint tray"
"Oh that's pretty bad."
"Thank you, I know."

Anyways, dinners are always hard with kids.

And then on top of that, parents need to eat at some point to. One quick and easy dinner that I also enjoy is grilled cheese. This 'recipe' may or may not be appropriate to post on a blog... but I thought it may be worth a shot. Just put a little butter on a pan, and add two pieces of honey-wheat raisin bread (I like the double sweetness it has) with two slices of cheddar cheese in between. Then when it gets toasty, carefully flip the sandwich over and get the other side toasted. Use medium heat so that the bread doesn't get burnt before the cheese melts (woops, look at the last picture for that). 


What easy dinners do you rely on? What are the "worst" dinners you've eaten and/or served your kids?

And here's a more elaborate grilled cheese recipe with sauteed onions, and a short-cut I use to get a fancier dinner on the table!

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