How to Finish a Book

Do you have trouble finding books that you really want to finish? Just in case you do, I corralled a bit of advice for finding better reading material. This week I asked you guys about where you go to find good books. If you ever want to get involved in the conversations and fun little debates that happen on social media when I ask survey questions, feel free to look up my name on Facebook or go here. We had a really good one going about whether or not it’s important to actually finish a book. Turns out, it's extremely controversial! (But not really). Here’s what some of you said about where you find new books to read:

“From friends, especially ones who know my tastes and sensibilities. Also, reading other books by the same author as ones I like.”

“Goodreads, checking book club reading lists.”

“I enter a book I like in this website, and also what Amazon recommends for me”

“Book club lists; the Jewish Chronicle; Table Magazine; Hadassah Magazine; a librarian; friends; family”

“I totally judge a book by its cover (front and back). Mostly at the library”

“First step – check with friends…. Second step – check the book that was recommended… If it’s too fat, it’s not happening. If it has pictures and the cover’s picture looks beautiful/interesting, I’ll try to read it”

“NY Times book review. I read it and then reserve the interesting stuff online from my library. Easy! Also, I get articles on my favorite genres on Flipboard.”


I also like to hear from friends, look online, and stroll around my favorite public library in Morton Grove, Illinois. Here's a look at some things I found:

Not planning on writing a memoir any time soon, but this could be helpful for writing articles with personal stories in them


Historian Hannah Arendt's famous book (that I haven't read)

I love checking out beautiful cookbooks from the library. They're expensive, but you get to snatch them for free. I just took The New Kosher home and it looks so good! I once took home Martha Stewart's Entertaining and never cooked any of it but oh my gosh, those pictures....

I can't resist a book that starts with "The pressure on women today..." 

I can't resist a book that starts with "The pressure on women today..." 

P.S. Have you read this Pulitzer Prize book? 
P.P.S. I like reading really comforting and supportive books when I'm feeling anxious about something... like this book...

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