Seven Habits for Less-Than-Effective Traveling with Small Children

LB travelwithkids.jpg

We have some family road trips coming up at the end of the summer and I thought I'd share the "wisdom" I've collected over the past few years about traveling with small children. We've driven a lot as a family so we now know that traveling with kids is a small bundle of.... chaos. As someone who struggles with the packing and traveling process, here are my personal seven habits for less-than-effective traveling with small children:

1. It's tempting, but try not to pack too many snacks for your family. Instead, only stop at gas stations for food so that you can feel like a block of cement by the time you arrive at your destination.

2. Forget all of your phone chargers at home. Or at the very least, only bring one charger so that you have to create a phone-charging schedule with your spouse.

3. You should definitely try to run out of contact lenses a couple days before departure. That way you can head over to your local eye care center to beg for some samples right before your trip. Or of course you can just wear the glasses that your child sat on the week before.

4. Pack your kids' extra travel clothes deep into your suitcase, to prevent any feelings of convenience when they have a bad accident in the car seat. 

5. Play loud music when your baby won't stop crying because it's a really nice combination of sounds.

6. Make sure to fall asleep within 20 minutes of the trip while your spouse is driving. But don't forget to first promise that you will make sure to stay up and keep them company until your 3:00 AM estimated time of arrival. 

7. Constantly tell everyone in the car to "Calm down!" so that they will immediately calm down. 


Please share any great "habits" that you've come up with along the way!