Let's Talk about Anxiety...

Let’s talk a little bit about anxiety today… The tricky part about a post like this is that it can be in some ways, ummm, anxiety-inducing… But at the same time, not talking about anxiety is even more anxiety-inducing. Does that make any sense? It’s also important to cover this topic, because so many people deal with it. I wrote about my experience with anxiety during pregnancy in the article I wrote for FYI Magazine, which I’ll be posting here on the blog soon. But for now, I wanted to hear from other women what anxiety feels like for them. For today’s post, I compiled the words women wrote me to describe their anxiety in 'six words or less'. Then, there’s a paragraph with the words they used to describe what helps them (even if it’s just a little bit) when grappling with anxiety. I didn’t repeat things that were said, but many women wrote me using the same words.

Anxiety in six words or less:
Can’t breathe. Sucks. Panic. Too tense to think. Heart racing. Body out of control. Hell. Attacked from all sides relentlessly. Always feeling judged. Crying. Guts shaking. Just leave me alone. Body out of control. Must get out of here now. Nobody understands how I feel. Never good enough. Chest explosion. Loss of control.
Deep dark well with slippery walls. Groping for security. Darkness. I must be crazy. Paranoid. Emotional mess. Sad. Want to jump out of my skin. Stomach in knots. Drowning. Unable to think. Can’t speak. Can't function. Too much to handle. What's wrong with me. 

What helps with anxiety in six words or less:
Asking for help. Intense workouts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Deep breaths. Medication. Exercise. Bath. Running. Sun. Me time. Cut tasks from to-do list. Massage. Healthy relationships. Chocolate. Hugs. Babysitting. Good cry. Take a drive, blast music, sing. Family. Nature walks. Creating things. Healthy relationships. Boundaries. Delegate. Regular sleep. Prayer. This too shall pass. Talking out where it’s coming from. Meditation. Good therapy. Refuse to avoid anxiety – jump in. Swimming. Bowl of ice cream. Breathing. Supportive people. Yoga. Manicure. Whole foods. Alone time. Adding meaning to my life. Slow breathing. Shower. Talking. Cleaning help. Walking. Schedule. Saying no. Nap time.  

I would love to hear from you. How do you describe anxiety? And, what helps? What would you add to the lists?

And lastly... I'll be talking more about anxiety, depression, and motherhood soon in the upcoming full-length version of this post