six great lipsticks + balms for under $6

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If any of you have been wanting to try out a new lipstick for a more reasonable price, this post is for you. Drugstore lipsticks are a bit tricky because you can't try them out so we're giving you a heads up on six lipsticks that cost six bucks or less. The prices listed are mostly Target (except for the wet n wild balm stain) but if you want to buy them online or at least check out more reviews we have links at the bottom of the page. Look through the options, have fun and whatever you do, store those lipsticks on top of your fridge or something so they don't end up on your kid's forehead. 

Revlon super lustrous 

$4.99 - This almost always makes it on lists for best drugstore lipsticks. It goes on super smooth, won’t dry out your lips and feels like a high quality product. It’s also probably the most long lasting of the six and wears great for nights out on the town/special occasions i.e. going to Target alone without the kids

maybelline matte lipsticks

$5.59 - A bit tricky to always know what the color will translate into IRL but it feels velvety, smooth, and isn't drying. It won't look "creasy" and doesn't have that sticky feeling that other mattes sometimes do. They’re well pigmented and one swipe goes a long way.

Revlon kiss balm 

$4.49 - This balm is great on the go. It’s easy to apply without a mirror because it gives a nice color without being intense. It won’t last as long but it’s easy to reapply because as a balm it’s more hydrating. Great for every day use when you want a little color but don’t want people to think you have time for perfect make up every morning because then are you even a real mom??

Elf beautifully bare

$5.00 - Tied for favorite with revlon super lustrous. Some colors are more subtle while others give lots of pigment per swipe but the colors are so pretty and it’s super wearable and light. It stays on for a long time, especially if you go for a darker color.

wet n wild megaslicks balm stain

$2.99 - These are fantastic. Such great bang for your buck. They don’t feel heavy and they don’t feel tacky or sticky like other cheap lipsticks. They go on smoothly and have a balm-like feel but with a stain quality. They’re at such a good price that if you're looking for a few different lipstick colors, these are a great steal.

Burts Bees tinted lip balm 

$4.79 - Not a super heavy color so it’s great for every day quick use. It feels great and is perfect for keeping in your purse. It’s like getting to reapply chapstick/balm but you’re also retouching up your makeup as a byproduct. Go Burt’s Bees and it’s hard to go back.



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