My Favorite "I-Did-Not-Grill-This-Steak" Salad

This past weekend I bought a large supply of little girl's socks for my daughters and felt extremely relieved (blog post coming soon on this new sock purchasing idea). As I was putting them on my oldest, she started asking me about who got them for her.

"Aba got these for me, right?" 
"No sweetie, actually Ima got them for you." 
"No, no Aba got them."
"Aba gets you so many good things, but Ima got these socks."

Oh. Got it. Since she's still a toddler I knew there was no reason to be frustrated, but uhhh, I kind of wanted the credit.

There is one thing, however, that I don't mind giving up credit for nearly as much as I thought I would - cooking. I remember the last time I cooked a very large meal from scratch for family and guests. I spent the whole day in the kitchen and when I finally served the food, my mom said to me, "Nuriti - you're going to fall asleep walking to the table". I took note of what my wise mother observed. There is a grocery store with a kosher grill close to my house and they will grill your meat at no extra cost. I started to take advantage of this free service a lot. Honestly, I love it. For this recipe I have them grill a boneless rib-eye steak (or two depending on if we have guests) and I serve it with spring mix, colorful tomatoes and pomegranate seeds. I only add olive oil, lemon, and salt to the salad part but feel free to go crazy with different toppings and/or a mustard-mayo type dressing (that's what my husband does). Mustard and mayo dressings taste amazing with a smokey steak salad. 

Are there any dishes you make where you "share" the burden with a local store? 


Winter Steak Salad

Grilled boneless rib-eye steak, cut into thin slices
Spring mix
Assortment of tomatoes
Olive oil, lemon, and salt for the dressing

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