One Last Thought for the Week

Mother's Day can be a time of joy for many families. But it can also be extremely difficult. So many people have experienced anything from the loss of a husband, to the loss of a mother, to the heartbreak of infertility and miscarriages, or a divorce that makes family time complicated and painful. Even having a married child can make it tough, especially if they're visiting their in-laws for the day this year instead of the family they grew up with.

Someone once said to me, you can choose any day to be a day of reflection. It can be on your birthday, Mother's day, an annual family trip - any time where it for whatever reason feels natural. For many reasons, Mother's Day is like that for me and maybe for some of you. If you want to  give a gift to a friend who may be struggling, think of how to get more help and support for yourself, write a thank you note to someone you admire, or even have a much-needed conversation with a family member about a tense issue, then that's amazing. Thoughtful gifts and beautiful brunches are meaningful, but so are the harder things.

Have a happy, meaningful Mother's Day.