holiday potluck dessert with fruit, nuts, and chocolate

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The holidays are coming up and we know that you are all very excited and super prepared! a.k.a. panicking and looking into Buddhism. For one thing, the expenses can get expensive, the gift list can get long, and there's a lot of food around to eat our feelings.  And if someone talked you into throwing a party (your mother? does she want you to try to be more "social"?) then the anxiety may have already begun to settle in deeply. Good thing is we have a great idea - a potluck dessert. If you're throwing a Hannukah party this week and need as much help as possible, this one's for you. 

Ask anyone you invite to either bring their favorite chocolate, nuts, and/or dried fruit, or anything else you'd like to have (i.e. jelly donuts, caramel popcorn).  If you're worried everyone's going to bring donuts then tell each person a different thing to bring. Honestly, if you have everyone responsible for two items, then maybe you don't need to serve anything else... 

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Here's what you can find on the top picture:

chocolate squares
Hanukkah gelt
dried apricots
coconut shavings
mixed nuts:
- cashews, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds
raspberry jam
almond butter

and here are some other ideas...
jelly donuts
caramel popcorn
array of cookies
potato chips
cut up fresh fruit
chocolate sauce/fondue


What are your go-to, budget-friendly ideas for holiday winging-it? 

P.S. Setting up a breakfast board
P.P.S A fruit and cheese board too


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