Sleep Dreams

Does anyone else have a seriously difficult time putting themselves to bed? I’ve always loved sleep (and a good nap), but I dread the process of getting ready for bed.

The other day I was putting my toddler to bed and she asked for her dolly and her dolly’s pajamas, her socks (no the blue socks), her blanket (no, the other blanket), and her “favorite song” which changes every night. After I gave her a kiss, tucked her in and left the room, she came out and said, “Ima?* Ima? Ummm. I need to brush my teeth.” Wow, this girl is good. She was right, I had forgotten to brush her teeth. After I brushed her teeth, sang the alphabet several more times, and got her to stop jumping on her pillow, she finally went to bed (but who knows what really happens when I close that door. My husband once caught her in bed with a paint brush in hand). After the saga ended I realized that I’m pretty similar to my daughter in my ability to push off going to bed.

Do you guys struggle with getting yourself to sleep? If you have kids, are you worse than them in getting to bed? I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier, especially since finishing this book. But I could use some more tips and advice on ways to get to sleep earlier. I like reading a good book before bed and putting the phone away earlier. What are you goals and dreams when it comes to sleep?

*Ima = mom in Hebrew