Small Victories

Before I had kids, I really thought I was Mother Theresa. I thought I was patient, giving, pleasant, and far from being an angry person. This week, however... my darling toddler decided to pull up our keyboard bench while I was preoccupied with the baby, and began a little cocoa experiment for herself (pictured above). She dumped cocoa in the Keurig machine, wiped it on the counter and shelves, and poured almost the whole container of cocoa not-so-perfectly into a large mug. I've seen many messes in my apartment, but this one was impressively annoying. I was already exhausted, my patience was at its limits, and when I stood there watching my daughter finish up the last of her cocoa finger painting, I felt my frustration and anger and helplessness boil up to the surface. With some miracle, instead of losing it, with no expression on my face I simply reached for my phone, opened the camera app, and took a picture.

Somehow, doing that felt like a small victory. I was able to step back from the challenge and give it perspective by snapping a photo with the hope that maybe I can laugh at this later and even feel grateful. And yes, it eventually did (after a solid amount of time) come to a point where I was able to think - okay, I think I might actually frame this picture.

A friend who was celebrating the success story with me advised that when I frame it I should add the caption - "Don't let the cocoa make you loco."

Have an amazing weekend everyone! See you Monday.


Nurit SiegalComment