Freshly Caught: Summer in a Bottle

Ohhh spring... I can't believe you're here! Summer is now just around the corner and my anxiety is at an all time high as I see all the other mothers migrating to the parks with their strollers. I am not really one for parks... I'd much rather drive to and then walk around the beautiful outdoor mall fifteen minutes away from my home where coffee is always just a short stroll away. I've been to the Barnes and Noble there so many times with my kids that I find myself looking out for lost parents to direct them to the various play areas. One day last summer, my daughter dropped something like a large metal pencil box (while looking me straight in the eye, naturally) off the second floor balcony down to the first floor seating area where several people were reading. After an enthusiastic apology and some escaping/avoiding, we couldn't help but get right back to our routine.

The plan for this summer will probably be no different. But for the days when we're home, and I haven't already packed up what seems like the whole house for morning daycare, staying in for the day here and there (key words: here and there) is sometimes the only way to go. On those days, I like to turn on extra lighting, open the shades and windows, and bring the outdoors in as much as possible. For today's post, we're doing just that - bringing a bit of spring and summer indoors for anything from a whole day inside with the kids, to a weekend dinner with family and friends, to an ordinary meal made a bit more special. Just cut up some of your favorite fruit (I used lemons, oranges, and strawberries), place them in these beautiful glass bottles with either regular or sparkling water, and you're good to go - or rather, good to stay in.  You can check out some other ideas for infusing water here and here. I love having these simple glass bottles out - it elevates any dinner into a classy evening, especially when paired with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Enjoy your indoor (and outdoor) adventures!


(....familiar with all of these little struggles of motherhood? Maybe you can relate!)

Nurit Siegal2 Comments