I Want to Be a Super Woman

Oftentimes as young women we feel like we only have two options available to us as we try to run our lives and homes. The first one is to be Mrs. PerfectlyPutTogether. She seems good at everything and has a mysterious ability to have perfect hair and the laundry folded at all times. She has children who pour you Pellegrino whenever you visit and a husband who never fails to pat his belly after another gourmet meal. She glides through life as easily as she does on the elliptical, and the wine glasses at the charity events she plans and emcees sparkle just as her teeth do when she smiles and says “Oh, this was nothing!” Mrs. PerfectlyPutTogether effortlessly leads all other women to the brink of a major panic attack.

The other option for us is to become what would qualify as a “shlumpadinka” on the Oprah show in need of a makeover. Mrs. Shlumpadinka feels like she could fall asleep vertically at any given time and usually starts the day by accidentally pouring coffee into her baby’s bottle as she trips on a pile of Lincoln Logs. Her large, old purse is like Mary Poppins’ except that it provides an endless supply of unfinished to-do lists and shmushed granola bars that would be perfect with organic yogurt… if she hadn’t forgotten it at the store check-out last week. Her hair and make-up have an unintentional post-nap visage approximately 30 minutes after taking the time to finally do it while her feet rocked her screaming child relegated to the car seat. No matter what she cooks it kind of always looks and tastes like un-spiced stir fry and everybody eats it while sitting on the laundry waiting to be folded on the kitchen chairs. Everybody placates her with the subtle comment, “Oh sweetie, this is hard for some people - it’s ok if it just isn't your thing” and she nods along with a hearty, fake laugh before turning away to grab some tissues. Her only choice now it seems is to give in and accept her inevitable “shlumpiness”. Mrs. Shlumpadinka gives all other women a breath of relief that they aren’t her but a simultaneous concern that they are one step on Lincoln Logs away from being her first cousin.

This blog is about my life since I realized that no matter how it seems on the outside, neither Mrs. PerfectlyPutTogether nor Mrs. Shlumpadinka actually exist. As someone who oftentimes rushes out the door ten minutes late to catch an appointment, runs back upstairs to get her phone and keys and baby and then gets a latte on the way back home instead of remembering to pick up the dry cleaning... this realization was a big relief. In reality, Mrs. PerfectlyPutTogether actually has an occasional soufflé that collapses or even a simple box of macaroni and cheese that burns, but she keeps it to herself lest she let her massive fan-base down. And Mrs. Shlumpadinka is trying to juggle and take care of life just like everyone else, but every perceived slip-up is magnified to an overwhelming feeling of total failure. But what hit me the most about these imaginary women is that each is stuck as they are, either flawless or helpless, leaving no room for real authenticity, growth, or adventure.

So in an effort to stop the race to perfection and the entrenched fear of failure that can sometimes control our lives, this blog is all about embracing our humanness and fueling our need for compassionate community, creativity, and growth instead. We’ll get excited to learn new things, realize how much we each feel challenged and need support in every stage of life, and try to problem solve and manage our lives with a good sense of humor. We’ll aim to be genuine and take risks, care for ourselves with more enthusiasm, and enjoy all of the wonderful adventures, opportunities, and fulfillment that come along with a life full of both soufflés and scattered Lincoln Logs - to be real  Superwomen.