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Freshly Caught: Small Springform Pan from Sur La Table
Springform pan and cloth from Sur La Table. Similar cloth napkins from their store  here

Springform pan and cloth from Sur La Table. Similar cloth napkins from their store here

It's nothing short of astounding what you can accumulate after just a few years of post-college adulthood. I know I have many things to throw and give away, but when I get around to clearing out cupboards and come across an old bundt cake pan, I end up saying to myself... Wait... I think there is an event I want to make a bundt cake for about eight months from now. I am currently trying to make piles of things we no longer need or enjoy having. It feels good to slowly let go of things that are simply taking up space.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have gone for more classic kitchen items on that registry list, and learned from there what I enjoy cooking/baking the most. I would have thought more about extra cutting knives or a good quality blender, and less about Madeleine pans and mini birthday cake molds (untouched to this day). Having absolutely no clue what you're doing and buying things like you know exactly what you're doing seems to be a "right of passage" for young people trying to break into adulthood. 

If I had known just a bit better back then, one of the things I would have signed up for (instead of intricate cake molds) would have been a few springform pans. I love knowing that my chances of ruining a cake or having it stuck in the pan are greatly diminished. I also love the practicality (less leftovers) and look of smaller cakes. I was excited to bring home the pan pictured above from Sur La Table, and almost immediately started to experiment with almond cake recipe ideas. I actually really liked how it turned out, but I need a bit more time in the "lab" before posting.

Do you have any early-adulthood purchases you really regret? What would you have gotten instead? I would love to know, especially for future post ideas!