Lipstick & Brisket Explains it All: Things We Did and Bought in Middle School that We're Still Regretting Now

You can still purchase these chokers on amazon  here . Title of this post inspired by  Clarissa

You can still purchase these chokers on amazon here. Title of this post inspired by Clarissa

Wow, I had a lot of fun working on this post! I was kind of concerned that my "research" would be slightly trauma-inducing, because middle school is not exactly my fav time of life to recall (what an understatement). I did, however, thoroughly enjoy hearing what you guys had to say about it. Thank you all for sifting through your very fascinating memories about what you wore, bought, and did in middle school. As for me, if I had to do it all over again I would not have worn my older brothers' polo shirts thinking they were legitimate outfit choices. Enjoy the rest of the list and thank you so much for your contributions! 

  • Thick elastic headbands and a massive digital watch
  • Half-up pigtails so I could look like baby spice
  • Round Harry Potter glasses. Terrible life choice. 
  • Lacoste polos were SO in and I spent a ridiculous amount of money on those silly polos for that small gator logo in the corner. Also juicy zip ups.
  • Wearing men's XL rugby shirts
  • I thought "fangs" (2 wispy bits of hair instead of bangs, a la Dawson's Creek) were the coolest look ever. Wore them way too pronounced, looked like a greasy vampire.
  • I bought this horrible/amazing red plaid button down shirt with Hawaiian  flowers down the front from the guys section at a sports store. I wore that thing so often and still have it. Can't bear to throw it away.
  • Bangs with very curly hair, resulting in 4 distinct curls hanging down my forehead. Also, saying awkward things to boys... yikes
  • Definitely agree with a lot of the ladies who already posted! I had: bangs with curly hair -- why?! A PERM - again, why?! For sure had those butterfly clips. Also -- GLITTER HAIR GEL that I used to attempt to *slick back* my curly hair. Shout-out to my tear-off pants that my friends and I wore every Thursday in 5th grade. A CRIMPER. A belly shirt that said "Whatever". Wow I forgot about that till now, I swear you cannot make this up. 
  • Perm. Why did my mom let me?!
  • Permed my hair and wore a skinny leather royal blue tie with my uniform!
  • Hot pink lip gloss and braces. Worst combination ever. Oh, and the obligatory 7th grade perm. 
  • Bart Simpson t-shirt and umbro shorts to the 6th grade dance. Ugh.
  • I thought it would be a good idea to tan for my graduation. So I went on my roof, lined my towel with aluminum foil, greased myself with crisco oil, and baked for hours. (I'm super white and have never had a tan in my life). I ended up with 2nd degree burns and blisters and was beyond beet red. Not attractive.)
  • Jean jacket with suede fringes
  • Dressing alike with my twin sister until 10th grade!
  • Saying the word "like" as a space filler 😑 still have a habit of doing it today. It's like so unprofessional
  • Limited too. All day erryday. Also chokers, puka shells, platform shoes, demanded my own phone line which no one would call me on anyway.
  • I saved up ALL my babysitting money and spent $110 on a pair of Reebok Pumps tennis shoes. Worst idea ever. 

Please do add to this list! The things we remember doing to our hair are endless...

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