What Have you Been Reading Lately?

Is there anything you're in the middle of reading right now? 

We took a little bit of a vacation in Toronto for a few days last week and found the store Indigo. Right away I saw a book I've been hearing about for a long time and decided to finally get it - All the Light We Cannot See. Have you read it? Growing up, I read many books about World War II and the Holocaust, but in the past few years I've read a few that show the point of view of European citizens who weren't Jewish, but saw their Jewish friends and loved ones being taken away, and saw their hometowns and families destroyed by the onset of war.  I really appreciate the books that are willing to illustrate what happened it in detail from all sorts of angles and perspectives, even when it's done through the lens of fictional characters. 

If you've read the book I'd love to hear how you liked it. But no spoilers of course... I'm not done!