What Food Could You Eat Forever?

The other day, my youngest daughter (who's right on the brink of becoming a toddler) was playing very quietly when I offered her an applesauce pouch for a snack. She loves fruit pouches and can go through two or three at a time. For some reason, she became very upset with my offer, ran across the room and crashed herself into our couch while yelling, "No applesauce! No applesauce!". I walked away to see if she would forget about the whole thing, but it didn't quite work that way. Instead, she followed me into the other room and cried out again, "No applesauce! No applesauce!". When I picked her up to console her, I realized that she had a full diaper. During the entire diaper change, she continued to plead with me, "No applesauce! No applesauce!". After taking a second to come up with a new strategy, I sat her down in front of the toy she was playing with before. Thankfully, she calmed down. But then she caught a glimpse of the rejected applesauce pouch, walked up to it, and proceeded to hit it away in the other direction. She then walked up to me, tugged at my shirt, and pulled me to play with her in the other room while I tried to understand what in the world had just happened. 

There are some foods I feel like I could eat every day "forever", but I guess we all have our limits... Until I find myself crashing into a couch in protest, I can't help but say that I could eat a soft-boiled egg every day. With two little, adorable girls running around at home, boiling eggs (...and making pasta, and warming up oatmeal, etc.) is oftentimes as fancy as it gets. And when I make them slightly under-cooked for myself, it's so good every time. 

What food could you eat "forever"? 

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