whole wheat pancakes with maple syrup

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When it comes to motherhood and parenting, our society tends to be pretty paranoid. If it's 40 degree weather, you're required to send your child outside with gloves and a soviet fur hat even if it's for twenty seconds. Or if you God forbid allow a hydrogenated oil into your child's lunch, you can actually get arrested for that now.  It just seems like things are getting out of control. If a mom needs to send her toddler on a short drive literally down the street to the 7-Eleven for some milk, what's the problem? Are kids not allowed to be independent any more? 

Until things calm down, our lives will consist of titanium gloves, cashew oil, and never forgetting an item at the grocery store. And because we know how hard it is to remember everything, we're keeping it simple for our Monday post with a minimalist pancake recipe with a mere 6 ingredients. Okay, 8. Just remember, if you do use any white flour instead of pure whole wheat please do remember to burn them slightly so no one can tell.  


whole wheat pancakes with maple syrup

2 cups whole wheat flour* 
1 tbsp baking powder
2 eggs
2 cups skim milk
3 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp vanilla

cooking spray or butter for the pan
maple syrup for topping

makes about 10-12 medium pancakes

Mix the ingredients together a medium/large bowl (for added stress, mix the dry ingredients in one bowl, mix the wet ingredients in another and then combine). Heat up a buttered skillet or pan - or use cooking spray - and add about 1/4 cup of batter to the pan. Once the pancake starts to bubble and brown on one side, flip the pancake and give it another minute. Repeat and enjoy with syrup!

*if you're nervous about using a gallon of maple syrup to offset the whole wheat taste, than use half or all white flour for the recipe. 

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P.S. sunny side-up eggs on sweet potato toast 
P.P.S lox and cream cheese on "tartines"

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