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My brother Ziv trying to cheer me up after I got spammed with 300 fake likes on Instagram

"Women and Business" sound pretty amazing, right? It makes you think of the #Girlboss Sophia Amoruso, or Oprah Winfrey, or Lauren Conrad. In fact, doing research on this post was so hard because anything I googled just led to "Woman started her own business. Retired by 40." But running a business is not all that glamorous and it's very difficult for a company/brand/product to simply go viral (although I was so close! Until I realized I was being spammed).

The reality is, many if not most women are running small businesses to put dinner on the table for their families. One woman wrote to me about the weeks or months when business may not be going so well. She wrote, "I just tell myself that it will pass, and if it doesn't I'll have to do something else. I pray a lot asking not to be rich but to table to pay my bills. That is a big fear of mine."

Do you run a business? What do you do or say to yourself to get through the hard times? What are your pros and cons for running a small or large business? 

For some resources and information on women, employment, and business, check out some of these links below: 

1. Women Employed - Great for any woman who works to check out. They have statistics/information on issues women face at work. Some of things they talk about include: The issue of unpaid sick lave and maternity leave, inconsistent schedules (which makes finding daycare almost impossible), and the campaigns they have to improve workplace policies.

2. Women's Business Development Center A Non Profit with a great mission:
"The mission of the Women's Business Development Center is to support and accelerate business development and growth, targeting women and serving other undeserved communities and veterans, in order to strengthen their participation in, and impact on, the economy."

They have a center in Chicago (8 S. Michigan Ave., 4th Floor) and an event calendar (you can choose other locations too) here.

3. Grants for Single Mothers - It can be really hard to find a grant that fits your profile because of eligibility requirements, but there are some out there. Click on the link for a list of several grant opportunities.

4. Read about successful women entrepreneurs uplifting other women entrepreneurs who are trying to make ends meet and grow their businesses.

5. Interested in global poverty and an American campaign to empower women entrepreneurs across the world? I really loved the book, Teach a Woman to Fish, and the author, Ritu Sharma, is super inspiring and down-to-earth. She talks about why we need to understand the unique and intersecting obstacles facing women in poverty in under developed countries. You can't simply throw money at the problem, because it will easily fall into the wrong hands. It's very possible you can find the book at your local public library. 

6. And oh, speaking of Lauren Conrad... Check out The Little Market

There are so many other big ideas out there. What other resources and articles/books would you add to the list? 

P.S. Blog posts on: sexism in the workplace; women, men, and work; an interview with one amazing entrepreneur who creates empowering, funny, and lovable T-Shirts for people who have - or for people who love someone who has - Down Syndrome







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